Updated:  June 27, 2017   WE ARE OPEN FOR THE SEASON!

 This is prime time for strawberry picking.  Please call our farm phone numbers for picking dates and times and add us on Facebook for current updates.

We have updated recipes!  Check them out 🙂

A little about the season...  We pick through our fields an average of four to five times.  The berries are largest at the beginning of the season and the sweetest towards the end of the season.

The first picking produces the largest strawberries but they are spread out and take a little more time to pick.  The second and third pickings are the easiest time to pick strawberries.  They are plentiful and hold their size well.  The fourth and fifth pickings produce the sweetest berries because they have the most time to ripen.  Whatever time of the season you visit our farms, we hope you have an enjoyable experience.  Let us know if we can help you in any way.

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries   $1.70/lb  with free container

Prepicked Strawberries - $3.35/lb available when our farms are open.  Call our farm phone for information on prepicked berries.

Children are welcome when supervised by an adult.  

Cash or Check - We do not accept credit or debit cards.


             Pick-Your-Own and Prepicked Strawberry Farms

          Family Owned for More than 30 Years

Open MidJune - Mid July          CALL for picking dates

Savor the Flavor of Fresh Strawberries

Pick Your Own Fresh Wisconsin Strawberries


Whether you pick your own strawberries from the field or pick your box of strawberries from our farm stand, you will be choosing the freshest strawberries available.  Once you’ve picked strawberries at one of our farms, you will look forward to picking these flavorful fruits every strawberry season.


MIKE'S BERRIES (WAUSAU)  715-675-3188




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