Strawberry Season will be starting AROUND the 20th of June.  Always call our farms for daily picking information.  Our plants are healthy and loaded with strawberries that need some time and warmth to ripen.  Check our Facebook page for pictures of our strawberries as they ripen.  WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU SOON!


            -Pick-Your-Own and Prepicked Strawberry Farms

         -Family Owned for More than 30 Years

Open MidJune - Mid July          CALL for picking dates

Savor the Flavor of Fresh Strawberries

Pick Your Own Fresh Wisconsin Strawberries


Whether you pick your own strawberries from the field or pick your box of strawberries from our farm stand, you will be choosing the freshest strawberries available.  Once you’ve picked strawberries at one of our farms, you will look forward to picking these flavorful fruits every strawberry season.


MIKE'S BERRIES (WAUSAU)  715-675-3188




It's Easy! Choose One of Our Farms to Pick Your Strawberries!




Mike's Berries



Engelberry Farm      




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